John Bolton

John Bolton CCE, CCrE, CSE, CXE

SpecialityPresident, Blackstone Cemetery Development


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John Bolton CCE, CCrE, CSE, CXE, is president of Blackstone Cemetery Development, which specializes in the planning, development, construction and marketing of cremation garden areas and cemetery master planning. With over 16 years of cemetery development experience and 32 years experience with cemeteries of all sizes, John has designed and/or implemented over 800 cremation developments and related cemetery projects across the United States.

John also serves the industry as Chairman of the ICCFA Sales and Marketing Committee, Vice President of Education for ICCFA and is Dean of the College of Hospitality and Customer Experience at the ICCFA University. John has a Masters of Education degree from East Tennessee State University and a Customer Experience Certification from the University of California-Irvine.

In his free time, John has a passion for barbecue and is the founder, COO and Pitmaster at Killer Barbecue Company, LLC, is founder and Pitmaster of The Wolfpack Competition Cooking Team and is host of the popular YouTube cooking show, Cooking With the Wolfpack.

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